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Ideas to Give as Blessings

Posted by Heather Mowers on


You may be wondering what kind of blessing you should put in the Blessing Trail bag? Listed below are a few ideas, but do not feel you are limited to these suggestions, be creative!

#1 No Cost Items

Giving a blessing to someone does not have to cost you anything. Sometimes the best blessings are those that come from the heart.  You could make a card or write a letter to someone to encourage them or let them know you are thinking about them or maybe how they inspire you.  If you have flower or vegetable gardens, you could put flowers or home grown fruits or vegetables in the Blessing Trail bag.  Homemade coupons for a service you can offer is another no cost idea.  Giving your time and talents to someone is a wonderful blessing as well.  A homemade coupon for a night of free babysitting, to pull weeds or rake leaves.  The possibilities are endless.  The idea is not to fill the bag necessarily with "things," but rather fill it with a blessing, even if the item such as a letter may seem lost in the bag. The blessing received is more important than the actual item received. 

#2 Baked Goods

I personally love to bake and I love to share what I bake, so my first thought would probably be to put homemade cookies, blueberry muffins or some other tasty treat in the Blessing Trails bag.  Please be make sure all food items are wrapped very carefully so they do not soil or stain the Blessing Trail bag since it will have many more destinations reach.


#3 Handmade Crafts

Many folks are very talented when it comes to making crafts.  Maybe you knit, crochet or make another type of craft.  The time that is put into homemade items is always appreciated!

#4 A Favorite Book

Maybe you just finished a great book and would like to share it with someone or maybe the favorite author of the person you would like to bless has a new book out.

#5 A Bible/Devotional 

There is no greater blessing than sharing God's word with someone.  It may be someone who does not have a Bible of their own or perhaps they are interested in a different version of the Bible.  You could pair the Bible with a nice devotional book or just the devotional alone if they are not in need of a Bible.

#6 Thank You/Appreciation Gift

There are many people in our lives we can bless by showing appreciation for them and what they do for us.  Some of these people include Pastors, Teachers, Bosses, Secretaries, Spouses, Parents, Neighbors, Friends, Relatives and the list goes on and on...........

#7 Get Well Care Package

Know someone who has the sniffles and could use some chicken noodle soup, crackers and tissues?  Or maybe someone you know is facing an extended illness.  A Blessing Trail bag full of activities such as cross word puzzle books, magazines or a book might help occupy their time during recovery.

#8 House Warming Gift

Going to visit someone at a new home or apartment?  Place their house warming gift in a Blessing Trail bag and then they will have the opportunity to bless some else as well.

#9 A Baby Gift

Babies are such a blessing!  Give the new Mom and Dad another blessing in a Blessing Trail bag when you meet the new bundle of joy!

#10 Any Gift

The gifts we give to others are meant to share love and joy and be a blessing, so any gift you are giving to someone can be incorporated in a Blessing Trail bag.  Birthdays, Valentine's Day, Easter, Christmas, Anniversary, etc.



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