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Question: I received a Blessing Trail bag that is stained or soiled and I don't want to pass it on to someone else like that, what should I do?

Answer: We want to insure that the entire Blessing Trail experience is a pleasant one, so please call us at 717-477-8388 or 1-844-247-8388 so that we can determine the best solution to this problem.


Question: A Blessing Trail bag was give to me anonymously, will you tell me who gave it to me?

Answer: If someone has chosen to bless you anonymously, we will honor their choice and not reveal their identity.  Likewise, you can be assured if you would choose to give an anonymous blessing, we would not reveal your identity.  Many people enjoy blessing others without receiving credit. 


Question: I logged onto a Blessing Trail and found offensive or inappropriate comments left by other trail participants, what should I do?

Answer: Please call us at Blessing Trails 1-844-247-8388 and give us the trail tracking code so we can remove comments that may be inappropriate or offensive to others.  We want all Blessing Trail experiences to be positive and encouraging to everyone.